I know I’m runnning a bit late on this. However,  I thought I would
start pulling together some information about Visual Studio 2005.  Overall,
I’m really excited about Visual Studio 2005.  Microsoft are raising the bar
once again on the development environment.  VS2005 is all about integrating
everything into the IDE.   Anything that make my life easier is a good

Studio 2005 Product Line Overview
– A preliminary sketch of how the features
will split up between Express, regular, and Team System editions. I still say
the omission of source code control from the Express SKUs is a big mistake

Visual Studio 2005 Express
Beta Products
  – Link to an overview of the Express Products that
Microsoft are planning to release next year.  Basically, the express
products are a cut down version of Visual Studio design for people who are just
starting up, or don’t develop full time.

Studio 2005 Class Designer
 – Description about the new Class Designer
that will be release with VS2005

in Visual Studio 2005
  For all of you how want this now look at ReShaper

Studio 2005 Team System
  Overview and starting point for Visual Studio
2005 Team System..

There is so much more out there on the web, but I’ve found these references
as a good place to start.