An old colleague
of mine dropped me an email about the build process that we
use.   At the time he left we had just started on automating the
release process mainly to reduce the errors with our deployment.  
Since then we have made loads of improvements.   This

  • CruiseControl.NET
    to do automated builds.  This tool monitors our source control system and
    kicks of a build after a somebody checks a change in.
  • Subversion as our source code
    repository using the file system backend instead of the Berkley DB.  We
    used to use Sourcesafe but it just doesn’t handle branching an
    merging.  When Team System is finally release we’ll look at
    moving to it.  Mainly because of the way it provides a whole project
    perspective and its integratation with MSBuild.
  • Under pinning our
    build process is a tool called Visual Build
    .  This is a great visual interface that allows you to pull tasks
    together an quickly get an build process up and
  • To perform our unit
    testing we use NUnit and NUnitASP
  • We use FXCop to look
    out help us enforce our coding standards
  • As I have mentioned
    in a previous
    we use an inhouse built system to perform our database
  • We have commands that
    allow a developer to sit down and “clean” their machine with
    the last successful build.