One the great things that I love about working for Readify is the ability to work from home.    The project that I’m working on at the moment gives me this opportunity.    At the moment what is making in even more special is that I’m hearing the sound of water.

As some of you might be aware Australia has been in drought for many years and water is becoming an precious resource.    To help keep our garden alive, about 15 weeks ago I purchased a water tank.  After waiting for 10 weeks for it to arrive and then another 2 weeks for it to be installed.  Anyway, last weekend it was finally installed.  So now as I sit here looking at the window I can hear the rain gentle running into the water tank.  There is nothing better than cutting a bit of code in VS2008 and hearing the tranquil sounds of water.

For those that are interested here is a photo of my tank: