I’m just loving the new features of the VS 2008 Team Explorer.    Our TFS server had to go down for maintenance tonight.  (The truth is that Mitch was playing with hard disks again 🙂  However, I still need to do work.   Well with the new features of the VS 2008 Team Explorer it first prompted me with a message say something like you are experiences troubles connecting to your TFS server would you like to go offline?   One click of the button and you are offline and working away.

The better things is when you want to go online.  All you do is go to the Source Control menu (under the file menu)and select go online.   After a bit of thinking you are displayed a box that looks like this:


This then allows you to see the changes that you have made offline and decided what you want to do with them.   Click on Go Online and you are away.  What ever the action is displayed in the “change” column is then applied to your project. This means that the files are automatically added, checked-out, deleted, renamed etc.  It is really a seamless experience!