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Whilst watching the VSTS 2010 Team Build Video by Jim Lamb when he was demonstrating the ability to configure what to delete when a build is deleted as part of the retention policy.


From the above screen shoot it looks like they haven’t made any changes to the how the retention policy works.   As I was watching this it reminded me of the fact that you cannot use build quality as a trigger for the retention policies.

Now as I was a significant contributor to TFS Deployer any changes to the retention policy always sparks my interest.   To perform the deployment TFS Deployer uses changes to the build quality to indicate quick deploy applications from one environment to another.    What would be nice is for the retention policy to also be triggered off the build quality.  This would allow you to then retain all builds that have a “production” build quality, or the last 10 builds that have been “released to test”.

Anyway, I’ll keep my eye out for other changes in this area.


The team has been doing some great work around Team Build and have made some significant changes to the way that it works.    While watching the Channel 9 Video from Jim Lamb I grabbed some screen shots of the improvements.   There are many more so I would recommend that you watch the video.

Here they are:

New Build Summary Screen



Activity Log View of Build Summary


Broken Builds View on Build Summary Screen

This one is really interesting,  What you can do is double click on the error and if it is a compile error it will bring up the version of the file that was build and allow you to fix the error and check it back in again.


Brian Harry has given us a teaser for the next Power Tools 2008 features.  The one I like the most is the Windows Shell Extension that is now making TFS just like Tortise SVN.  This feature will allow you to access TFS from within Window Explorer without having to spin up Team explorer.  Very Very nice.



From: bharry’s WebLog : Preview of the next TFS Power Tools release


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